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Enchanting, authentic - and above all, luxurious hotels in gorgeous Grenada. Fabulous pools, exquisite cuisine and world class spas and all just a few steps from beautiful white sand beaches

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Caribbean | The Americas

Grenada is the spice of the Caribbean with unspoiled beauty offering a lifestyle so pure and authentic that you will feel instantly renewed. Perfect for adventure seekers, nature lovers and beach dwellers, those seeking fun and adventure or couples looking for romantic getaways

Average Weather
January25° C119 mm
February25° C86 mm
March26° C62 mm
April27° C66 mm
May27° C114 mm
June27° C222 mm
July27° C224 mm
August27° C216 mm
September27° C195 mm
October27° C234 mm
November27° C253 mm
December26° C186 mm