KOIA All Suite Wellbeing Resort

Agios Fokas • Kos

KOIA is inspired by ancestral wisdom and historical architecture to create a unique adults-only, all-suite wellbeing resort in Kos island. Fully embracing the Hippocratic Principles of Wellbeing that originated from this sacred land, KOIA seeks to present a more naturally aligned way of holidaying through balanced living whereby nature and the individual harmoniously coexist, complementing each other.

Just 6 km from Kos town, cascading down along the Hill of Agios Fokas and overlooking a private beach, KOIA recreates the architectural design features of the historical Ancient Doric Hexapolis settlement, offering a window into the way of life of the island's ancestry.

Everything at KOIA is designed to enhance your sense of wellbeing. Expect soul-inspiring unobstructed sea views at every turn while 51 spacious suites with private gardens and impressive infinity pools await to become your personal sanctuary. Culinary menus centred around the nutritional gifts of Greeces gastronomy and Kos local cuisine as well as the Hippocratic plants and herbs. Immersive experiences that are soul-rich and fully personalized, thus ensuring that every moment is entirely bespoke

Spa & Wellness

The Wellness spaces at KOIA have been designed to become the ultimate setting for ongoing, atmospheric wellbeing experiences that will deeply relax you before revitalizing you. KOIA thus creates a new daily life for wellness oriented guests, both through the natural living landscape it has developed and through the healthy habits it promotes.

Nutritional gastronomy and wellness oriented experiences come together seamlessly, whereby the power of nature essentially resets you and builds your wellbeing upon a blank canvas.

'Ydor' means water in ancient Greek and it is the word from which 'hydro' is derived. Fully living up to its name, the natural element of water dominates the impressive Ydor Wellness Area in the form of a spectacular indoor, heated pool that stretches out to the edge of the cliff with stunning views onto the sea. Furthermore, here you will also find a gym area to work on your fitness goals and an invigorating steam bath that further relaxes you while helping to better regulate your circulation.

At the Ydor Wellness Area you will find a designated Spa where you can indulge in a series of special, all-natural recipe treatments and massages for body and face that draw upon the healing properties of Hippocratic plants, as well as a beauty salon corner for hairdressing, manicures and pedicures

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Restaurants & Bars

KOIA has three dining venues for you to choose from along with two bars with the Pool Bar being both a restaurant and a stand alone bar

Dining Options
  • Thyme Restaurant - Breakfast & a la carte Dinner. The best place to start your day is undeniably at Thyme Restaurant. It is KOIA's main dining outlet with a casual chic atmosphere, in a semi buffet - semi a la carte style featuring various local products, some ancient Greek recipes transformed into modern versions, as well as a detox and vegan corner. Offering a wide range of highly nutritional culinary options, all buffet dishes carry labels that list the ingredients so that you know precisely what you will be tasting. Choose between Thyme's indoor seating or opt to enjoy your meal in the shaded, outdoor space
  • Thyme Botanic Garden - Private fine dining. Thyme Botanic Garden is the pinnacle of KOIA's gastronomic experience, which is essentially a special section of Thyme Restaurant but with a more exclusive feel. Operating solely during evening hours, it only has 4 tables reserved for private dinners. This is where you can indulge in KOIA's fine dining menu that boasts a creative cuisine which fuses local gastronomic tradition of Kos with the Greek culinary heritage through a contemporary Mediterranean approach, showcasing various organic vegetables from KOIA's garden.
  • Pool Bar Resturant - Right next to the main pool is the Pool Bar & Restaurant that operates all day long, serving various refreshments and light 'meze' style meals throughout the day. Harmoniously designed to subtly fit into the space, it has a series of comfortable stools around its perimeter, for those who want to enjoy their order at the bar. Alternatively, you may choose to have your order delivered directly to your chosen sunbed or daybed as you tan and relax till your heart's content. The all day menu is characterized by the 'meze' culture, a great Greek culinary custom, which at KOIA is further embellished by incorporating the Hippocratic philosophy of nutrition and fresh herbs and vegetables from our garden, just like all the menus of KOIA
Bars & Lounges
  • Elixir - Welcoming and inviting, you will find it at the crossroad between the Reception and Thyme Restaurant, since it plays a key role in both. Your first introduction with Elixir Bar comes in the form of an invigorating welcome drink upon your arrival while it is also where you can take a refreshing break any time of day, as a serviced, indoor waiting area and bar with a unique character. The most attractive attribute of Elixir Bar is what it stands for

Rooms & Suites

Hotel At A Glance

  • Beach Hotel
  • 51 Rooms
  • 2 Restaurants
  • 2 Bars & Lounges
  • Adult Only
  • Spa On Site
  • 2 Swimming Pools

Hotel Perfect For..

  • Couples

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October19° C59 mm
November15° C91 mm
December12° C164 mm

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