Akrotiri, Zakynthos

Lesante Cape Resort & Villas

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Lesante Cape Resort & Villas

Akrotiri, Zakynthos

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Authenticity at the heart of everything. This is what the world of Lesante Cape is made of. Located in Akrotiri village, a privileged place of great historic cultural value, where the manors of the island's noblemen used to be situated, with a beautiful, secluded beach in front and extraordinary views to the blue horizon, the Lesante Cape unveils a new, family oriented, hospitality experience.

Build as a traditional Greek village, with a square at its centre -where all the socializing and events take place- with a café, a taverna, a few small shops all around it, a folklore museum and its own church nearby, the Lesante Cape is a modern -and very vivid- trip to the past.

Everything around you, honours authenticity, starting from the traditional Zakynthian architecture, with the tall, proud arches, the large white stones and earthly tones embracing everything, to the wooden furniture and straw-made décor, all being brought to today, with contemporary amenities and services that accommodate your modern living. 

The Spa

With design inspired by ancient, sun-loving architecture, the state-of-the-art Armonia Wellness & Spa is a regal retreat for restoration. From full-body massages and beauty treatments, to authentic hammam experiences and sauna sessions, take the first step on your journey towards health and happiness. Here in the rolling Zakynthian countryside, the nurturing power of nature heals all.

At the Lesante Cape you will find the finest creative dishes so you can enjoy authentic tastes by the sea, in four exciting restaurants and quality wines, spirits and cocktails at the resorts three bars

Dining Options
  • Elea Restaurant - serves select artisanal cuisine from around the region. Awaken in the morning and begin the day with traditional Greek breakfast and international classics. Then for dinner, discover a medley of Mediterranean gastronomy, all inspired by a pastoral setting and the proud legacy of high-end, continental cuisine.
  • Novita All Day Restaurant & Bar - a love letter to Ionian gastronomic tradition. Serving provincial dishes, locally-sourced farm products and freshly-caught seafood, Novita is an emblematic Mediterranean dining experience. Discover authentic Greek gastronomy in a serene al fresco ambience, framed by the gentle ebb and flow of the Lesante Cape pool
  • Taverna - an authentic recreation of a traditional village restaurant. A showcase of Greek taverna classics, guests can enjoy freshly caught seafood, high grade meat and fresh flavours. Atmosphere is everything at Taverna, where several nights are host to live local bands and dancing
  • Fiore Fine Dining - a gateway into the regal past and contemporary face of Zakynthos. Enjoy high-end cuisine in a chic locale framed by panoramic views of the surrounding seascape. Internationally renowned classics meet local produce and refined techniques, creating a singularly unique experience of refined gastronomy

Bars & Lounges
  • The Noble Bar - the hotel's welcoming bar and lounge. Draped in an earthy island palette, guests enjoy signature cocktails and light refreshments created by an in house team of mixologists and baristas. Ideal for morning coffees and twilight drinks, The Noble Bar is at once a sanctuary and a meeting point, open from early in the morning until late at night
  • Novita Pool Bar - a meditative, poolside sanctuary for languid afternoons and star-lit evenings in Zakynthos. Select from an array of signature cocktails and unique fruit blends, each a perfect accompaniment to an ambience of warm, cosmopolitan lustre. By day, dive into the purifying pool, then gather by night to watch the countryside illuminated by starlight
  • Kafeneio - an all-day destination for coffees, teas and sweet treats. The classic design, character and charms of an old-world lounge are immortalised in a nostalgic setting, a chance to step into the authentic culture of Zakynthos. Sample traditional coffee, foraged mountain tea and homemade cakes, preserves and spoon sweets - a timeless way to begin the day

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Beach Hotel
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January11° C150 mm
February11° C113 mm
March13° C90 mm
April15° C51 mm
May19° C17 mm
June23° C7 mm
July26° C5 mm
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October20° C147 mm
November16° C159 mm
December13° C170 mm

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