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Playa d'en Bossa • Ibiza

Discover an uncharted destination by charting your own course. If you're reading this, you're already in the know. Welcome to Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel - the place that transformed Ibiza and will redefine your summer experience. Nestled along Playa d'en Bossa beach, the resort boasts 415 luxurious rooms and suites, each brimming with exclusive moments and lavish comforts. Prepare to revel in the ultimate daytime soirée on the stunning shores of Ibiza.

Discover the epitome of luxury daytime entertainment within a stylish retreat that's brimming with character at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, where you'll be treated to a fusion of extraordinary music, adult-friendly entertainment, electrifying sets by globally acclaimed DJs, avant-garde design, cutting-edge technology, VIP indulgences, and a diverse culinary landscape across the restaurants.

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel encompasses two adjacent accommodations - The Ushuaïa Club, featuring a remarkable swimming pool adjacent to the stage, the epicentre of the events; and The Ushuaïa Tower, tailored for those who wish to savour the Ushuaïa Ibiza experience in a more discreet ambiance.

It's time for the complete Ushuaïa Ibiza adventure - a little naughtier, a lot more exclusive, and utterly VIP. Designed for those who crave the finest experiences, surrender to ultimate relaxation with a tranquil beachside or poolside blue massage. Let your whims flourish, knowing the 24-hour room service is at your beck and call. Indulge your desires unapologetically. The dedicated Concierge Service thrives on challenges, providing services and amenities that cater to every need, alongside top-notch personal attention. From DJing master classes to the privilege of two luxurious boats for sailing along the captivating Ibiza coastline - your desires become reality. Embrace pure pampering and discover what it's like to live like a deity.

Memories linger on the tongue. Create the most delectable memories by immersing yourself in the refined gastronomy of the exquisite restaurants. It's an experience for the discerning palate. Savour oysters that taste of the sea, and seal the moments with kisses. Relish life's pleasures while sharing the finest beachside wine with cherished friends. Escape monotony and ignite your palate with distant flavours and tantalizing textures - each bite an exotic adventure. Dive into culinary innovation, where carnivorous cravings are quenched by the most succulent, tender meats, cooked to perfection according to your desires. Begin your revelry with a bottle of exquisite French champagne, effervescent delight and desire intermingling under the moonlit sky.

As the night yields to day, awaken to the promise of a breathtaking breakfast that sets the tone for a day filled with endless possibilities. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel's myriad flavours beckon you to explore each one, a symphony of tastes that you'll yearn to experience in their entirety.

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Restaurants & Bars

There is a choice of four superb restaurants at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel serving a varied selectiion of gourmet dishes

Dining Options
  • Minami Japanese - Specialising in sushi and other Asian dishes prepared on private Teppanyaki tables where the chef gives a virtuoso live cooking performance. With a minimalist design, it has a Zen garden, an interior pond and a terrace next to the stage called “Minami Lounge” where you can enjoy the best DJs in the world while you dine
  • Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza - Especially conceived for meat lovers. Offering a premium quality variety of beef, as well as fish and shellfish, exquisite side servings and an exclusive range of wines and champagnes from the extensive and carefully selected cellar
  • The Beach By Ushuaia - Beach side restaurant combining a unique selection of Mediterranean and Asian flavours. Its natural, sophisticated décor makes it the best place for enjoying the atmosphere and it also has Balinese beds for guests who prefer being close to the sea
  • Oyster & Caviar Bar - Oysters and caviar, two of the world's most exquisite delicacies, play a leading role in this restaurant, in addition to a careful selection of shellfish and Nikkei cuisine. Meals are served around the pool and opposite spectacular views over the Mediterranean

Rooms & Suites

Hotel At A Glance

  • Beach Hotel
  • 415 Rooms
  • 4 Restaurants
  • 5 Bars & Lounges
  • Adult Only
  • Spa On Site
  • 3 Swimming Pools
  • Swim Up Rooms

Hotel Perfect For..

  • Couples
  • Something Unusual
  • Groups
  • Nightlife

Average Weather

January12° C42 mm
February13° C38 mm
March14° C33 mm
April16° C36 mm
May18° C27 mm
June22° C12 mm
July25° C9 mm
August26° C9 mm
September24° C30 mm
October21° C54 mm
November16° C39 mm
December13° C36 mm

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