Zel Mallorca

Palmanova • Mallorca

Zel Mallorca epitomises relaxation and fun, seamlessly blending siesta and party with an authentic culture, offering outdoor mornings and vibrant verbena nights. One can immerse themselves in a stress-free life amidst the distinctive warmth of a Mediterranean abode. Nestled in an exclusive seaside location on Palmanova beach and forged through a collaboration with Rafa Nadal, the hotel promises an indelible holiday within the picturesque surroundings of the idyllic Balearic Islands.

From a rejuvenating spa morning to an invigorating acrobatic yoga session; from a chilled beer by the azure sea to a dip in the refreshing pool; or perhaps a speciality coffee in the Mediterranean patio - the true heart and hub of the hotel. The only task at hand is to relish an authentic Mediterranean journey, indulge in the exquisite cuisine of Beso Beach Mallorca, and truly engage with the local way of life. A warm welcome awaits at Zel Mallorca.

Guests can refresh themselves in the expansive 114 m2 pool boasting panoramic sea views and direct access to Palmanova Beach. Alternatively, one might prefer the tranquillity of the 69 m2 pool encircled by a serene garden, complete with invigorating back and neck water jets. Dive into any of the outdoor pools and find solace on a hammock or, for a premium experience, a Bali bed. Towel service is assuredly provided.

Embrace the ethos of active relaxation and simply let oneself be. Engage in serene activities such as yoga or meditation retreats that provide a harmonious and tailored approach to one's well-being, offering a much-needed respite from the complexities and stressors of daily life.

For those seeking a more dynamic experience, the hotel boasts a gym equipped with cutting-edge apparatus. Opt for an acrobatic yoga session or explore the island's myriad offerings. This includes a gamut of exclusive activities, personally recommended by Rafa Nadal, encompassing live music, thrilling excursions, diverse water sports, scuba diving adventures, picturesque bike routes, and so much more.

Music, the universal storyteller and connector of souls, holds a special place at Zel Mallorca. They have curated a playlist, echoing the finest Mediterranean sounds, ensuring guests are immersed in its essence both within and outside the hotel confines. Do inquire about it upon arrival!

Moreover, Zel Mallorca proudly introduces Beso Beach Mallorca, a unique confluence of gastronomy, ambiance, and merriment. This Basque-Mediterranean culinary endeavour aims to captivate all five senses right on the beachfront. As day gracefully transitions into night, guests are enveloped by enchanting melodies and the unparalleled atmosphere of the island. Beso Beach Mallorca truly encapsulates a fresh Mediterranean cuisine ethos where one can be their authentic self.

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  • Beach Hotel
  • 165 Rooms
  • 1 Restaurants
  • 1 Bars & Lounges
  • Adult Only
  • Spa On Site
  • 2 Swimming Pools

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  • Couples
  • Beach Relaxation
  • Solo Travellers
  • Nightlife

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January10° C43 mm
February10° C37 mm
March12° C28 mm
April14° C39 mm
May18° C36 mm
June21° C11 mm
July24° C6 mm
August25° C22 mm
September21° C52 mm
October18° C69 mm
November14° C59 mm
December11° C48 mm

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