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Larnaca, Cyprus

A wonderful range of resorts and hotels are available when you fly to Larnaca. Beachside, near the town, spectacular spas and pools, Cyprus has it all

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Larnaca, Cyprus Hotels

Cyprus | Europe

Larnaca has a small historic centre with a buzzing harbour area, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Head to Ayia Napa for stunning nightlife and fabulous beaches with sports and activities

Average Weather
January11° C142 mm
February12° C112 mm
March13° C81 mm
April16° C32 mm
May19° C13 mm
June24° C5 mm
July26° C1 mm
August25° C2 mm
September23° C19 mm
October19° C80 mm
November16° C73 mm
December13° C94 mm