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Antalya, Turkiye

Antalya sits on Turkey's Mediterranean Coast and is a gateway into the famous Turkish Riviera, where miles of sandy beaches meet the clearest waters you'll ever see

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Turkiye | Asia

Antalya is a gorgeous region and truly a pearl of the Mediterranean - with fabulous beaches, delicious food and fascinating ancient and medieval historical sites. The city has excellent year round temperatures and a vibrant nightlife scene, especially in the Old Town

Average Weather
January10° C180 mm
February11° C130 mm
March13° C80 mm
April16° C80 mm
May20° C20 mm
June25° C10 mm
July28° C10 mm
August27° C10 mm
September25° C10 mm
October20° C90 mm
November15° C180 mm
December12° C210 mm