Our Health Policy

As a Tour Operator it is not in our remit to get involved in the vaccination status of our customers. Whether our customers have been vaccinated or not is none of our business and that shall remain the case as it always has done in the past

Consequently we have taken the decision to remove from sale certain destinations that have implemented discriminatory policies based on peoples vaccination status. We hope that these policies will be revisited by the governments of the destinations concerned and we can return to offering them in the near future.

In the meantime we are offering those destinations that do not discriminate. We are starting by putting Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica On Sale from early November with more destinations to follow. Initally we will be offering Breathless, Couples, Secrets and Zoetry Resorts in Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, with more hotels added over the coming weeks

The Greek Islands will all be On Sale later this year for Summer 2022 and we are also looking at adding other destinations including the Balearics , Canaries, Croatia, Turkey and Italy (should their policy change).

Sadly, the following are all unfortunately Off Sale until their discriminatory policies change :
Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia and St Martin

We realise that we will be accused of both a discriminatory policy ourselves and also of not caring about peoples health, but this is far from the case. By now a lot of the facts about vaccination will have been in the public domain, and as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on 22nd October 2021, a vaccination does not stop you catching the virus and does not stop you passing it on. The policies of certain destinations are built on sand and seem to be lacking in any real substance or facts.

Finally, we believe that it is time for the Travel Industry as a collective to stand #together for a return to normality. Not the dystopian "new normal" that has been foisted upon the trade through denial of business and customers because of restrictions. It is time for the Industry to say "No" to checking peoples Health Status at airports. If this is a requirement of a country then let that country employ their own people at their own expense to perform these checks. The Travel Industry should not be an enabler of discrimination